Thomas Shirazi

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Thomas Shirazi has a Master’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Organizations and Gangs. His educational experience is centered around research as well as an in depth and thorough understanding of organizations and the people who populate them. Thomas teaches Sociology and Criminology at Iowa Western Community College and guest lectures on gangs and criminal organizations at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has been an active participant in various martial arts for the last 15 years, has held the position of Associate Instructor at Dragon Arts Kung Fu, and currently cross trains at Omaha Kali. To supplement this hand to hand experience, he also trains extensively in the use of firearms and instructs fencing and wrestling curriculum with Omaha KDF. Thomas has had a unique opportunity to partake in a think tank for USSTRATCOM through the Global Innovation and Strategy Center, now known as J9 Mission Assessment and Analysis Directorate. This intensive program allowed him to expand his research capabilities by providing new and interesting challenges in the field of cybersecurity and information assurance. Working with the USG to develop a white paper on Cyber as the fifth domain of warfare has given him an in depth understanding of hierarchical organizations as well as the practical application of policy and research. For the last 6 years Thomas has been deeply involved in the field of Private Security. He has lead the development of security protocols and patrol models currently in use at event centers and neighborhoods around the Greater Omaha Area. He is one of the founding members of Raven Security Associates and his primary responsibilities include training security personnel for placement, intellectual property management, and contract acquisition and supervision.